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Welcome to Silkscreen and Textile printing course! In this course we will work with the main techniques of silkscreen, textile printing and pattern design. We will learn to print on different surfaces and materials. We will decorate clothes, print using textiles and at the end of the course we will sew useful products from the printed textiles. Students will be encouraged to develop their individual expression and explore creative experiments.

Techniques: Textile printing and silkscreen, stamp, stencil, open screen, exposed screen, pattern design, sewing.

3-5 days course
Day one:
1.1 Course program. Introduction to the materials and rules of the workshop.
1.2 Meditation and painting on fabric.
1.3 Stamp, we make stamps using wooden and plastic blocs. Printing on fabric or cloth.

Day two :
1.1 Presentation: Silkscreen and textile design.
1.2 Open screen: We draw designs for one or two colored prints. Printing with open screen.
1.3 Homework: Draw sketches for personal design you would like to make with exposed screen.
1.5 Tarea: pensar/dibujar un diseño que se podría insolar para la próxima ejercicio.

Day three:
1.1 Lecture in pattern design.
1.2 Students in 3 day course do the day 5 program.
1.3 Screen preparation and exposing.
1.4 Homework: Bring clothes you want to decorate.

Day four:
1.1 Printing with open and exposed screens. Individual work and consulting.

Day five :
1.1 Finishing individual work.
1.2 Finishing textiles by ironing.
1.3 Sewing workshop using printed textiles. Shopping/laundry bag, cases for I-pod, camera etc.
1.4 Work presentation and course closure.

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