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Welcome to our Painting and Mural course! In this course we will work with traditional and nontraditional techniques of mural painting. We will paint with different supplies, stencils, sprays and other mixed media. There will be presentations, demonstrations and exercises in the classroom and in the street. Students will be encouraged to develop their individual style and explore all the creative ways to enjoy painting.

Techniques:  Painting, drawing, graffiti, stencil, mixed media.
3-6 day course
Day one:
1.1 Introduction to class, materials, supplies, tour of studio and basic guidelines.
1.2 Meditation and painting.

Day two:
1.1 Lecture in street painting.
1.2 Demonstration of stencil.
1.3 Exercise 1: Painting to a staircase next to the school using mixed media, painting, drawing, spray, stencil.

Day three:
1.1 Exercise 2: Mural
1.2 Sketches and preparations for mural
1.3 Work on mural.

Day four:
1.1 Work on mural
1.2 Class discussion and individual critiques.

Día cinco:
1.1 Finishing murals
1.2 Final presentation and course closure: Party and color food pot luck

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