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Welcome to mosaic and stencil course! In this course we invite you to study traditional and untraditional techniques of mosaic. We will work with small objects in the class and make mosaic work in public places, in the streets of Valparaiso.

Techniques: Mosaic, stencil, recycling and mixed media.

3-5 day course
Day one:
1.1 Lecture in mosaic: “From Rome to Valparaiso”.
1.2 Introduction to class, material, tools, tour of studio and basic guidelines.
1.3 Quickie two minute exercises.

Day two:
1.1 Demonstration  in mixed media, bottle tops, ceramic and recycled objects and painting.
1.2 Individual work: mirror, portrait or any useful object.

Day three:
1.1 Demonstration in stencil.
1.2 First work in public place with stencil.

Day four:
1.1 Personal project in public place with mosaic and mixed media.
1.2 Individual work and consults.

Day five:
1.1 Finishing the projects.
1.2 Final presentation: Food mosaic and party!

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