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Welcome to Ceramic Sculpture course! These classes will explore both traditional and nontraditional approaches to ceramic art and some mixed media. We will work primarily on hand building and use low- fire glaze techniques. There will be demonstrations, presentations, individual work reviews, and a final critique. Students will be encouraged to develop and explore their individual expression through creative experimentation.

3-5 day course
Day one:
1.1 Introduction to class: Material, tools, tour of studio and basic guidelines.
1.2 Quickie two minute exercises.

Día dos:
1.1 Handballing  techniques demonstrations.

Día tres:
1.1 Texture and surface design.
1.2 Plaster molds.
1.3 Color in ceramic.

Día cuatro:
1.1 Portrait head demonstration.
1.2 Firing methods.
1.3 Individual work time, consultations.

Día cinco:
1.1 Animal sculpture demonstration.
1.2 Mixed media and non-ceramic finishes.
1.3 Final presentation. Sculpted food pot luck.

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